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Merlin is the largest brand-independent provider for money processing solutions. You will find our solutions in retail, petrol, transport, entertainment and the banking sector. On this page you will find a selection of our products. If you need further information or have a specific purpose or application in mind, please let us know.


gaming pinFor casinos and arcades we developes a PIN exchanger ourselves with NFC

Merlin builds the machine you are looking for. Applications include withdraw, payment, deposit and payment.



avantgarde nfc

The Avantgarde has a large delivery capacity of 10000 coins via 2 hoppers. Swaps notes and / or coins to 2 coins and / or coins. Checkout by Contactless communication NFC, via smartphone, debit card or credit card




Retail combiMerlin has built up a good reputation in solutions for the retail industry. What do you think of a counterfeit detector at the cash register, a cash box or money scale.

Especially for this market we have a secure closed cash solution like the deposit safe from our sister company Lincsafe

age scan 2015 metID web



Of course we are pround of our in-house developed ID checker for age verification.

Because of the alcohol and tobacco law, it has been sought for a cheap and effective product for age control.


banking combiSelf-service products

Merlin is a reliable supplier for the banking sector.

Especially our new Self service coin-deposit machine is well known, but in recent years the veridoc passport scanner is also used daily.






Retail combi 2

We can provide various deposit safes with key or code lock, as well as our innovative LINCSAFE series !!, These highly reliable safes (many models possible) come with one or more banknote readers and cassettes, both for stacking and separate notes

LINCSAFE is a closed cash system concept and comes fully operational, including internet connection, web portal and transaction processing.

In addition, the safes supports chipcard readers, barcode scanners, CENCON 2000 locks, self-closing safebags and more...

Benefits of the Lincsafe concept:

  • Fully transparent deposits, less responsibility for staff, no unauthorized access to sales, no payment differences with the CIT, live monitoring
  • Interest / benefit for crediting to an agreement with the bank / CIT

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