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Tellermate Ti-X R3500


Your entire cash register will count in only 25 SECONDS!

The Tellermate TiX3500 is an electronic money weighing computer designed to accelerate cash making. The use of handy telcups (removable and delivered for any existing cash register) has made the cash faster than you've ever seen.

The TiX3500 is designed to save time for your employees' daily tasks so that they can spend their time in control and security processes, analyzing actual cash data and managing money levels in the safe and on the workfloor.

The result is that money is processed faster and safer, so the money is already in your account. The R3500 also facilitates the transfer of data to your back office system for analysis, which quickly identifies and monitors the differences.

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extensive software

The Tellermate Ti-X 3500 can keep the totals of all your cash registers with ease in memory. You enter this by cassiere or box number.

You can easily enter the cassiere or checkout number and this will be displayed on the printer or on your computer at the countdown. 

  • User friendly
  • Portable
  • For notes and coins
  • To be used with or without (optional) cups

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