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Merlin Security Services BV (short: Merlin), since 1996, has developed into one of the leading companies in the Netherlands in the area of currency processing equipment and has spacilised in desktop equipment.


After a specialisation on the US$ and especilly the fight against counterfeiting of the US$, Merlin expanded her specilism to the Euro upon its introduction in 2002.

The former specilisation on the US$, the most targeted currency in the world with over 25000 sorts of countefeits, allowed Merlin to become an expert in a rapidly changing environment where of new counterfeit versions are found almost weekly and reaction on this is crucial.


E-vision Eurotester

Since the Euro introduction in 2002 Merlin became more focussed on the local currency. The unique status of the E-VISION eurotester allowed Merlin to become the #1 supplier of eurotesters in the Netherlands. The E-VISION is still the best sold eurotester in the Netherlands.


In a short timeframe we have built an impressive network where we engage in partnerships with the customer's organisation. This resulted in our support during events, training of customers' staff en cooperation on serving the customers' customers.



As mentioned, we value the relation with our customer highly. Merlin is able to arrange training on counterfeit detection but also on identity fraud.

Groups (max 25 persons) can be educated on location in a 2 hour session where very experienced teachers will bring you up to date.


Please fill in the contactform if you are interested.



Daarnaast bieden wij de mogelijkheid voor e-learning. Wij stellen middels uw intranet of via internet een module beschikbaar voor de medewerkers zodat zij in hun eigen omgeving, tijd en tempo alle wetenswaardigheden te weten kunnen komen.


Clients and references

Merlin services clients in all areas and companies where cash money is handled regularly. Whether it involves money counting, testing, packaging, sorting or changing; Merlin is your partner.


Companies suffering from identity fraud (this will be virtually everyone hiring staff) will also find the right knowledge and equipment to tackle this problem swiftly.


We can provide you with details on contactpersons upon your request.


I hope this short introduction gives you a first impression of our company and I wish you a pleasant and informative visit to our website. For more information, I will be more than happy to further introduce our company in peron or or over the phone.




Ron van Veenendaal,

Managing director,

Merlin Technology

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