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i-Sniper Valuecounter

The I-Sniper is a VALUE counter with the most sophisticated anti-counterfeiting techniques ...

€ 1250.00
ST-150 sorter with counterfeit detection

ST-150, count, check, sort and face all at once? The ST-150 is a topquality sorter ...

€ 2995.00
i-Hunter notesorter

You want to non-stop count, detect, face and orientate alle your notes in one action? ...

€ 3149.00
Merlin C002 notecounter w detection

Merlin C002 is our entry model with counterfeit detection. Very affordable. Functions: • MIX-function: ...

€ 395.00
ST350: 4 pocket fitness sorter

Do you want to count and sort all your currencies with one machine? The new ST350 ...

€ Prijs op aanvraag
FC-2 notecounter

The FC2 is a bank quality notecounter that will perform day-to-day duty without any ...

€ 545.00
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